The Art of Style

By Graziela Oborn

“When a confident woman walks into a room, it is entrancing”, says Nina Garcia, Elle US Editor in Chief in her book The Little Black Book of Style.


I cannot disagree with her. A well-dressed woman can usually steal the show and command the room. Countless times I have caught myself wishing to have a gift for the dressing until I discovered that style is something you CAN learn.

During my quest to learn how to dress better I quickly found there are few tricks that go beyond the “pair this with that” and are way more valuable and easier to follow.



Feeling confident about what you are wearing is half the work. How you wear something will capture people’s attention and everyone notices when a woman is confident. Sometimes if I don’t feel it, I definitely fake it!



Purchase decisions made on price alone are a mistake. It’s great to get a bargain every now and then but always ensure quality and fit become your number one reason for adding something new to your wardrobe. You are always going to feel great in a piece that feels made for you, regardless of your shape.



The look you put together shouldn’t feel forced. Try something new every once in a while, mix colours and prints and put some of your personality into your style. That’s what will set you apart from everyone else.


Keep wardrobe space for items you love 100 per cent. Treat your wardrobe as you would a members-only club, only pieces that make you excited and the best basics you can afford are allowed in your wardrobe. In the long run, putting more effort into selecting the right piece always pays off.


These are simple to follow tips that will definitely get you started. Once you change your mindset about how you dress, you will see your style evolving and the comments start to flood in every time you enter a room.


I’m an avid online shopper. I have a  list of favourite brands that I can rely on so I always make a wishlist of the items I want and keep it for later. Every time I feel like shopping or need to buy a specific item, I just check my wishlists first. That always saves me time and I end up getting something I love that is not an impulsive buy.




A wishlist is a great tool to get your favourite Andiamo pieces in the one place for when you are ready to have them.


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