3 Ways to identify if your wardrobe sparks joy!

By Graziela Oborn

The past few months, since Netflix’s hit series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo was a permanent addition to everyone’s recommendations, we have not stopped talking about how you decide what sparks joy amongst a sea of clothing in your wardrobe.


The constant need for the next thing has resulted in brands releasing 6-8 collections a year to keep up with demand and as a result, our wardrobes are full of stuff we don’t wear.


That’s why we feel shows like Tidying up with Marie Kondo are so important right now.


Who would have thought that a simple question, “Does it spark joy?”, could be the solution to so many of our wardrobe problems? By selecting and keeping pieces that you truly love, that fit and make you feel good, you are choosing to undergo a style detox that will make your life easier and more stylish.


So how do you decide if an item “sparks joy”?


We have gone through the process and identified the three main reasons you should keep an item.


  1. Fits well

How many times have you tried on a style over and over again just to take it off and put it back on its hanger? Fit is one of the most important reasons why you love to wear something.

If an item is ill-fitting, you struggle to feel good in it. That’s why we work so hard to ensure our fit is great. By revising fits season after season and sticking to key shapes that are tried and tested, we are able to create collections our girls love and wear over and over again.


  1. Great fabrics

Our senses help us to understand and perceive the world around us, that’s why it feels so good to wear or even touch a lovely piece of fabric. Hence the importance of premium fabrics with a great touch and feel.

We work with the best fabric suppliers in Sydney to ensure our pieces are cut from fabrics you want to touch and that are comfortable, so you don’t feel constricted.


  1. Prints & Patterns you actually want to wear

The way something looks has a major impact on our decision-making process. Patterns and prints are eye-catching and usually stand out. This realization plays in our brains when we wear a particular pattern or print. How many times have you changed out of something afraid you were going to get too much attention?

They are not for everyone, especially if you don’t like to stand out. When deciding if an item sparks joy, your subconscious brain will ring alarm bells if it feels the pattern is too loud for you to wear, or too old fashioned, or even too understated. You might like the pattern, but you might not necessarily want to wear it.

Style is a very personal thing, and by going through this clean-up process we’ve been able to identify what’s truly important for us when purchasing something new which ultimately will create a much more functional and enjoyable wardrobe.


Marie Kondo’s process, in the end, is not about tidying up, it’s about learning what is important to you and making better decisions in the future, for the environment, for the home and even for your confidence.


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